Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Member - No Welcome Mat

New Member - No Welcome Mat From Bubblews

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have gone and done the unthinkable. I created a new account at Bubblews, although I will not share what my account name is there. Only a couple people know.

To start with lets state the obvious, I am not there for the money. I am there solely for research purposes.

A common article I see from members is about not getting your article published on the homepage for rotational viewing. What I mean is, when you create a new post it shows up at the top, as one of the most recent published articles. As other members post theirs, your article will move down the wall.

Yesterday I published my first article, it was nothing serious, only about 500 characters. As a new member making my first post I was certain that it would hot rotation. This however was not the case and can only be found in my profile records.

What does this mean to us writers (you writers) who are new and are looking to earn a little money from your articles? It means that nobody even knows you wrote one. This would also mean that you do not have an opportunity to earn money the way others do. I would love to hear an explanation as to why this is how things are done.

Okay, I thought maybe it's because I'm new and the article is getting screened or maybe even I am being screened? This morning I wrote another article. A very serious one actually relating to current events in the US. The article is 1,735 characters long.

(Rubbing hands together in excitement to see it hit the home screen)...... Nope, nothing.

I did notice something though, if you look at the photo above (Go ahead and open it)... There is a "Featured Article". A featured article is one that should represent true talent, strong content and have enough words in it to really get the SEO Gods happy (my opinion anyway).

The name of this article : "What Bubblews Has Done For Me" , now I will not talk bad about this writer, her writing skill is very good, the content was nice and her character count is at least 1,000. The obvious fact though is this is an article that makes the Bubblews staffs little peters get nice and stiff.

Over the years this has not been a rare occurrence, you do some "Bubble Stroking" you will get the little boys in the staff room to "pop".

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  1. I have gone there to test things out too and find that sometimes I hit homepage and then others nope....the site is well, sad.