Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jade Helm - Conspiracy Theory?

 Jade Helm - Conspiracy Theory?

"Dude, my first article was hidden (by Bubblews), may be my radical way of talking, Iv been chillin in the ocean so long. I will try something more average Mr 9-5 job having style.

Call me crazy, but I'm starting to really believe in the whole Illuminati, Freemason, China occupying US, Martial Law idea. The more I read, with all the cross references of politicians, certain business dealings years past, current business connection, White House documents and what is currently happening now with Jade Helm. 

Sure, throw the term "Conspiracy Theory" at me, try to make me look like a fool because I believe in something that is not the norm. 911? They knew about it in advance, businesses in the trade center knew about it in advance for that matter. 

Start connecting some dots. I mean, you want to be pacifists who think "never my government"... who has done you so well over the years, that's all good. I'm not buyin it though. Look up Hillary Clinton, board of directors for Wal-mart. Those who scoff dont study, they open the articles, go about 5 lines and then laugh. Dig a little, you may want to look into how China fits in to all of it while you're at it too.

Keep in mind, something being labeled a "Conspiracy theory" doesnt mean people are wrong about it. Thats a word used to create a stigma to make people look nuts. Another term for it? Propaganda.

Btw Baltimore Maryland.... Currently under martial law due to riots. Look up new presidential police, look up how the police are working with Jade Helm. Look at how things are escalating with police brutality against blacks. What is happening in my opinion is the envelope is being pushed so that this "training exercise" (which is beyond massive as well is expensive) turns into the very theory everyone is laughing at.

I actually think that police brutality is being orchestrated between the police and the government with perfect precision to do exactly that. Fan the flames and force a martial law situation while Jade Helm is under way.

"We were in training, but you forced the situation"... makes them come off looking totally innocent and it makes Jade Helm look like a coincidence. Look at the news. How many police related killings of blacks in about 3 months? Its getting a lot of attention and tensions are rising! They know damn well historically that it will cause riots. It couldn't be better timing.

Everyone (including whites) gets pissed off, fight the power and get detained. Create a fear or the government and turn everyone into a bunch of cowering pacifists. You just watch how many of these "Doomsday Preppers" end up being targeted in the next few months. Mark my words.

People are going to start saying "Damn, thought they were nuts but they are onto something!" Then colonies of people start stockpiling ammo and weapons and become the enemy of the government.

I would like one person, just ONE to say "The CIA, the FBI have never staged anything for the betterment of the country or for a world power position". ONE person. Ill tell you that you're on crack and should just stick your head in the sand where it has apparently been your whole life.

If those people can actually deny this happening then I will say they can deny the possibility of Martial law in the US." -

"Kevin Kimball &kevink -Look, the homepage isn't perfect, and I'm tired of hearing people complain about it. We know, okay? Give it a rest.

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