Monday, April 27, 2015

Bubblews on Autopilot? Arvind Removed as CEO By Investors?

Bubblews on Autopilot? Arvind Removed as CEO By Investors?

Before I get started here folks, let's make something abundantly clear, Arvinds whereabouts is purely speculation. This is an attempt to ask the questions people are asking on Bubblews in their articles who cannot "Speak Freely and Write Their World". Case by case people who ask questions are getting their accounts deleted. As you can see though... THIS is NOT Bubblews.

So... A little recap of past events and I will be loose about this...

1. Around June 2014 the new Bubblews look was launched.
2. Numerous people were removed from the site for violations.
3. A couple different countries were banned from the site.
4. Views were hidden and reductions in payout were done. Reasoning? "Scammers made us do it."
5. Near the end of 2014 it was noted that nobody would get redemption's between certain dates, if memory serves correctly it was between August and November? $100's of thousands of dollars not paid out.
6. AdSense pulled their ads from Bubblews, people panicked. 
7. After trying numerous other ads they were able to retrieve their AdSense account.
8. In January many people including myself and Amber Sluiter decided to do some deep research regarding property details, real estate purchases as well as purchases for freelance technical workers.
9. Bubblews team makes an announcement that they had been paying beyond what was realistic and this was now the reason for reductions. They apparently for 2.5 yrs paid more to the writers than ad revenue was bringing in. (Story keeps changing... consistency is not their forte).
10. Research opens eyes! Almost $200,000 was paid in August of 2014 for programmers and designers. 
11. It is discovered that their headquarters was 527 Howard St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, one of the most expensive areas of San Francisco.
12. It was announced that Bubblews was launching an addition to their brand called "Sweeble".
13. It was discovered that they do not own the rights to this name and they were contacted by the rightful owner who they have dismissed any responsibility to. 
14. (It is now 2015), announcements are being made (again) about "BIG CHANGES", the staff is working day and night to bring you the best Bubblews!
15. Nothing...nothing....nothing...nothing.... Oh wait, there is something! people are making nearly no money on the site and are leaving Bubblews like the Exodus with the exception of new members who dont know any better and the diehards that drank Bubblews "Kool-Aid". 
16. Numerous times Arvind has written posts with excerpts from his e-book that will supposedly be free. From what I could tell, free makes damn good sense because it is some serious sleeper material. Based on comments on his posts, I'm not the only one who thinks so either.
17. Bubblews loses their accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
18. Doing some digging we also discovered the San Francisco Headquarters is empty. (Photo below)
19. Arvinds last post was a month ago, in fact he did 3 articles that month. The big question from everyone now is... "Where is Arvind?"

Here are some articles so I dont look like a liar...... You may find them deleted by staff later :
So Sad: Bubblews is Sinking by the Day
Woohoo another 2 cents in my Bubblews Bank!  (This made me laugh, it is THAT bad there)

As you can see here, there is no logo in the window. A friend of mine in San Francisco was having lunch with her husband just around the corner and has also confirmed it is indeed vacant. 

Now, although this proves nothing other than they moved, it is a clear sign that things have changed for Bubblews.

Let's assume for a minute they are in financial dire straits, if so then leaving the building was a very wise move. I am sure their investors (Jason Zuccari's father) didn't appreciate having them stay here but not be able to repay their debts.

Kevin and Tyler are staff with Bubblews, as far as I know Tyler is the only active staff member there. It seems Keven and Tyler have joined in a joint venture for a website that provides an "Admin Panel" called Qoala .
To be honest with you, I wish them well, this is more up all of their stream, social sites are not.

The question about Arvinds whereabouts now is rather interesting though. If you recall what happened to Steve Jobs; he was CEO of Apple and he was removed from the company by the shareholders. For those who do not know, shareholders is another word for investors, who in Jobs care did not share his vision. Now what if the shareholders/investors for Bubblews no longer share Arvinds vision after everything that has happened after 3yrs? I mean really, look at them, they are a mess and Arvind was captain of that ship!

They were publicized on the news, various pod-casts etc etc and then followed that up with a huge train wreck and bad publicity. Would you keep Arvind on staff? I know I wouldn't! If he took my money, my long time established business name and dragged me through the mud with his "vision" the way he did with the public and the BBB I would bury him away so deep that nobody heard from him in the business world again. he would be flipping hamburgers!

To all of you who stay with Bubblews, proceed with caution and I do wish you the best. Those who follow "Sweeble" the stolen business... well, all I can say is look at Bubblews. To Kevin and Tyler, you do your thing boys and I hope it works out, hopefully you aren't dragging Arvind along with you! 


  1. Very good article. I wasn't aware that Jason's dad was their investor. If I was him I would get rid of Arvind as well. Where is Jason BTW? Why is he so quiet? hmm. It makes you wonder.

    1. Surprisingly @Christi Harris, Jason has always been quiet. Not sure,, but maybe that was wise to keep as much distance as possible from the site in a business sense. Although letting Arvind be the mouthpiece may have been a terrible idea.

  2. One of the awesome reviews I have ever read William. This article is picture perfect of what's happening in that site. I still couldn't believe that the site we all had fun and enjoyed like family is going through this much pain. Well, Arvind's sick vision neither helped him or the staff or its users. He wanted to build something by sucking users blood and he now know that there is no more to suck and it is paying him back. I feel sorry for the staff members, if they are still working for him over the site not searching for a decent respectful job. Arvind did make a huge difference in so many lives. He MUST have left it go in that way. Greed occupied his soul allowing everything to be empty, not just the head quarters.

  3. Wow I read some stuff here I had not seen before. Yes this whole year I have earned $5.34. I was sincerely trying writing post after post for a while but in April it seemed pointless as I would never hit the $50 mark, Bubblews right now is not worth my time and or efforts.

  4. Thanks for the update. If he had only read my posts on how to start a small bussiness and what a bussiness incubator was and the steps to get into one....ah but that was somehow beaneath the twit. Twit was also a name used in the BBS scene when people Arind. I used to have the whole descrptive text of it but not anymore. I am so glad that I quite when the second letter came out about the redemption date change in October November of last year.

  5. I found it! haha:
    What is a Twit?, Are You a Twit?

  6. I think it is the same Arvind who alo run Ful of Knowledge and Post Any Article because it is the same story about Ads and he had us strung along there and then just closed it as well.People stood by him when he wrote the story about Ads and then he sum Now he done it again. He should be pulled in for fraud. He is creaming million s of dollars all the time. Maria Hardy

  7. I think it is the same Arvind who alo run Ful of Knowledge and Post Any Article because it is the same story about Ads and he had us strung along there and then just closed it as well.People stood by him when he wrote the story about Ads and then he sum Now he done it again. He should be pulled in for fraud. He is creaming million s of dollars all the time. Maria Hardy