Saturday, January 10, 2015

When Changes Hit The Fan

When Changes Hit The Fan

Continuing from where I left off here : When Bubbles Were Fun

This article I will discuss some of the bumps that began developing on the site in regards to member behavior and sites response to it.

It had never been a secret that there were violators on the site. Staff had written articles asking members to be vigilant and report violators; whether they be spammers, plagiarizers or like exchangers.

Those of us loyal to Bubblews did just that, we ran plagiarism checkers, flagged posts and spammy comments. We took screenshots of exchange behavior in groups and sent them in to "Bubblews Watcher". We wrote articles of our own trying to promote others to help police the site in the belief that the staff had their hands full and this was the reason for delayed payments as explained by them on several occasions.

During this time I had personally never had a late or missed payment (prior to June 2014)... Remember, we joined in February 2013. I loved the site and supported them 100%. In June 2014 a number of things happened. 

The site got a whole new look, (I personally like it better than the old Bubblegum look), 2 countries that were rife with violations and traffic exchange groups were banned from the site. This was coincidental timing though as it was indicated that PayPal no longer supported their countries.

And then the articles about missing payments started popping up all over from members. The staff were making posts saying anyone who has not violated will be paid, please be patient etc etc.

This notification was refreshing to many including myself. In July I believe they started asking members to "take screenshots of your missed redemption's and send them to staff for verification and you will be compensated".

This went over like a lead balloon. Until now we had no idea we were expected to take screen shots and the redemption's had already been requested. Result? Cant prove it, you dont get it.

This is about the time I started getting vocal. I had only a couple missing redemption's and a few paid redemption's after. I lost 2 due to no screenshot ($100)... poof, gone. Okay, I sucked it up as I had already earned about $5000 on the site since starting with them.

A couple more months passed and I was getting paid basically every other redemption. By now I had sent in 3 emails with screenshots and not one of them answered.  Still, they said "please be patient, we are trying to get to everyone" in their posts.

Never could understand why my redemption's were hit and miss. If I violated I simply would have gotten nothing. Then I fell into the boat with everyone else finally where my last few redemption's were not sent and no explanation was ever given.

As I stated in an earlier article: Quick Summary Followed By Various Blogs Detailing Our Journey

"I then wrote articles to draw attention and they got deleted (meaning they knew the issue now). I then posted this comment (see photo) on Arvind's "Ask Me Anything" post and the next day my account was deleted. So, to all of you, if I seem bitter, now you know why. There was a total betrayal of trust not only as a member, but as a friend. They made their bed, they can lie in it. People will not just roll over and die like they would hope."

As I continue on with these articles I will discuss:
The continued changes that happened on Bubblews.
TOS changes.
Arbitration clauses.
Them reserving the right to pretty much do whatever they want.
Redemption changes etc.
Real Estate in San Francisco - Is this where your redemption's went?

Stay Tuned!

"Bursting The Bubblews Bubble"


  1. Played similar 'hanky panky' on me, making many of us feel as if we had violated, one way of the other.
    Now my account is STILL LIVE, but I can't post, comment, like, etc... since October. They make money from my 500 posts up till this minute but have blocked me out.
    AND I can't even delete my posts either.
    Arvind, to me, is the violator!

  2. Wow, that is the first I have heard of not being able to delete your posts when youre logged in, this may be an action taken due to noticing everyone is deleting and leaving. That is revenue loss for them. So much for you "owning your articles".