Friday, January 9, 2015

When Bubbles Were Fun

When Bubbles Were Fun

(I will try to stay on track now. first article was a summary and my last one was latest interaction on a post.... I will now start at the sunny beginning)

February, 2013 former member number 14,600 here.

Yes folks, there was a time where the sun shone on Bubblews, the name was everywhere we went; Twitter, Google+, Facebook timelines as well as Facebook Groups. The glorifying that went on would be enough to make a whore blush.

Yes, I was also one of them and by God, I will stand here today and say that they earned every bit of that that time.

You see, the site was only a year old then, it had a unique look in comparison to others, it had a cute theme to it and what really drew everyone in was the compensation. Let's be real here, there are a hundred places to write for free, people signed up for the $.

At the time Bubblews was advertising themselves by saying "Speak Your World" and we will share ad revenue with you. One cent for every like, every comment and every view. This may not sound like much and it isn't really for the person who just joined. It takes time and effort to make "connections", view and read articles leaving meaningful comments on them as well as writing meaningful articles of your own.

I am a born net-worker and quickly developed a way to earn $25 a day and then shared that with everyone which boosted me up to the limelight pretty quick.

I am an American and I live in the Philippines. I had only been here for a year when we started "Bubbling" and we were struggling financially! I am not retired, I do not have a pension, I do not have SSS. What I had was a newborn baby, a wife and a job working as an online English teacher. I wrote up to 10 articles a day while teaching 24 English classes a day. All the while I commented on others articles and stayed busy.

I was not expecting a "free ride". I actually thought the purpose was to "Share Our World" and earn doing it. Truth be told I had never blogged before, was never interested and I found myself enjoying myself and endorsing the site and offering my services to staff who were more than happy to get my help.

We really had fun there, it was like a home. I nicknamed my daughter "Baby Bubble", I had dreams of writing articles and would wake up jotting down little notes. All the while I was supplementing my income very nicely and taking care of my family and that felt even better!

I had given my 100% loyalty and heart to Bubblews, that may sound a little fufu but it took my life and struggles and gave me something to look forward to everyday that I enjoyed, it helped ease the pain.

Next article I will discuss some of the bumps that began developing on the site in regards to member behavior.

"Bursting The Bubblews Bubble"

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  1. I loved Bubblews then too. It was such a wonderful find. I had never blogged before either but liked sharing and learning. My new Bubble family was pretty awesome too. I did not want this to end.