Friday, January 9, 2015

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Quick Summary Followed By Various Blogs Detailing Our Journey 

I would like to explain my history with Bubblews to everyone. In 2013 a friend messaged for a couple months asking us to join. I knew this person long before there was a Bubblews, she was an admin in my Facebook groups. Later I found she was actually Bubblewssupport1. 

In February of 2013 we finally made an account as member 16,400 after a lot of coercing from our friend. At this time there was only Support1 and a Moderator as staff. I was asked on many occasions to write articles in favor of Bubblews (per Arvinds request through Support) and I did. 

I also developed a strategy in a very short time to earn $25 a day which damn near made me famous there. I also coached on the TOS which I knew better than my mother. There came a time (as did before with my "friend") that we did not agree and she got hyper emotional and she blocked me on Facebook. 

After that things got hmm, a little weird. I have 1800 messages saved of me talking to her where there is evidence of favoritism as well as racism. All in all I was still maintaining my account on Bubblews but being a lot less biased. A little time later BBS1 was obsolete, account deleted (I assume reassigned as I saw other posts that were as stupid as the ones she wrote). 

Come June/July at the format change we were cashing out $50 every 2 days and redemption's were getting "skipped". meaning, they didn't stop paying us (proof of no foul pay on our part) but were actually missing payments. Those payments finally came to a whopping total of $800. I wrote 5 emails to 4 different addresses over a 3 month period with picture proof (that they asked for due to lame excuses) and got no reply. 

I then wrote articles to draw attention and they got deleted (meaning they knew the issue now). I then posted this comment (see photo) on Arvinds "Ask Me Anything" post and the next day my account was deleted. So, to all of you, if I seem bitter, now you know why. There was a total betrayal of trust not only as a member, but as a friend. They made their bed, they can lie in it. People will not just roll over and die like they would hope.

Photo Credit : Screenshot of my message.

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  1. The CEO's legacy will be tainted with betrayal, fraud and lying in his own site, He will be remembered as the Bernie Madoff in the writing community for not paying the legitimate) writers their dues for the rest of his life. With his "sounds of silence" for many months has come back to him, it will be his downfall, he's legacy will be nothing but for a short period of time.