Friday, January 9, 2015

Deleted Comment From Arvinds Post

Deleted Comment From Arvinds Post

This is a title that anyone who has ever left a comment on Arvinds post that did not praise the site, questioned Arvinds motives, gave criticism to and had their comments deleted can relate to.

I had made a new account so that I could communicate on Arvinds posts and try to get some straight talk going. The comments were all deleted and the following day.. again, my account was deleted.

Comment on Arvinds post "Future" -

"I find it a little insulting that you have for 3 years treated members like mice sniffing out cheese for your "next big thing" that typically ends up being a let down. You add a feature and extend payouts. Add a feature, reduce rates. Add a feature, hide view counts ... and yet you continuously change the TOS to plug up the holes. You talk about everything in a cryptic way that really tells nobody anything and then people follow along like they are chasing the Pied Piper. You can continue playing everyone for fools Arvind but some are smarter than that. 

Now, I do not have a crystal ball to tell the future but I would guess your long term plan is to change this site to being like Facebook (you are seeking advertisers).. I am guessing because you fear AdSense dropping you or because you want to drop them. Either way I am 100% confident that your plan is to have this be a free social network with no payouts. That may be exciting for the investors you are partnered with, I dont think it is so exciting for your members. So how about putting down the cheese... stop being cryptic and let everyone know what your true long term agenda is.

They cant afford to pay members yet they can afford trips to Italy, big parties with celebs, paying big expenses to PR firms etc. Oh, and lets not forget they can afford to pay for "the next big change". You are a pro at "spinning' things Arvind, your double talk and back pedaling has become infamous all over the internet.

Certain countries getting payment reductions on their redemption's : That's because your writing here is not as valuable to them as those in the US, UK or Canada. Rather than averaging all the variables of payments advertisers give for different countries and paying members equally they are actually paying you based on what advertisers payout for views from your country. Basically they are being advertising biased. In my opinion that is rather unethical and discriminatory, no other site does that.

I will say you chose a good photo for your post though. Cloudy and dreary... like the future for all the members here! Way to go on the psychological side!

As expected, censorship, if it wasn't positive it has been removed from the comments. The truth sucks! I guess my comments were the ones that really called a spade a spade here and drove a nail through the heart of this post and the future of this site. I was relatively nice all things considered and all my comments were removed while there is still plenty of negativity in this stream. I must have hit a reality nerve."

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