Saturday, January 17, 2015

CGP, Elite Visitors, IDCircle & Review


CGP, Elite Visitors, IDCircle & Review

As many know, since Bubblews let so many people down in numerous ways from, repetitive TOS changes, missed payments, refused payments, discriminatory advertising bias related to countries and changing the transparency of how you earn; many sites have arisen.

Now, let's make no bones about it, some people are optimistic and trusting while others flat out say "no way, they are all a bunch of "scam sites". Bubblews killed the trust for many.

Well, since CGP aka is first on the list I suppose that where we should start.

WHOIS CGPGallery? -

* Dates Created on 2014-01-11 - Expires on 2016-01-11 - Updated on 2014-12-02
* IP Address
* IP Location United States - Georgia - Atlanta - Namecheap Inc.
* Registrant City: Nobby Beach
* Registrant State/Province: Queensland
* Registrant Postal Code: QLD 4218
* Registrant Country: AU
* Registrant Phone: +45.36946676

Now, the only reason I have added that is because there are some people who find this kind of info important.

Other people find this info important. My wife has had an account with CGPGallery for around 2 months and has redeemed 3 times. So far her first redemption has not come in and it is over a month. That does have us concerned. The site looks like your basic cookie cutter low budget site, but it does run fairly smooth. The site offers 1 cent for like, comment and view.

* Dates Created on 2014-09-19 - Expires on 2015-09-19 - updated on 2014-12-21              
* Registrant Org R.Y Fallah                                  
* IP Address 
* IP Location     United States - Arizona - Phoenix - Cloudflare Inc.
* ASN  -  United States AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET
* Server Type  -  cloudflare-nginx
* Registrant Street: Terwenblok 8  
* Registrant City: Mechelen
* Registrant Country: BE (Belgium)
* Registrant Phone: +32.0478628503

Well, this one is certainly a mix of the map! I'll let you guys worry about that, Im not feeling like Columbus or Magellan today.

To be honest I have an account here and have only posted two articles. This site also offers 1 penny per view, like, comment. My issue with the site has been that it's slow, again it looks like your basic cookie cutter low budget site but it has a lot of features such as private messaging, chat group and maybe more. I say maybe because with all the features it seems to slow the servers pretty bad, not to mention all the advertising pop ups that come from the sidewall and the bottom of the page which is annoying to me.
Last we have who is really raising a stir for a lot of reasons.

* Registrant Org - Domains By Proxy, LLC
* Registrar - GODADDY.COM, LLC
* Dates Created on 2014-09-20 - Expires on 2015-09-20 - Updated on 2015-01-06
* IP Address -
* IP Location - United States - Georgia - Atlanta - Namecheap Inc.
* ASN - United States AS22612 NAMECHEAP-NET

As you can see the info available on WHOIS is very limited. The site has been running since January 6th with a scrolling note that said "Official launch date April 9th.

The site like many also offers 1 penny per view, like, comment with a twist as far as the future goes

 which I won't dive into at this point, I will just say I think it is a clever plan as well as beneficial for the members.If you look at the photo below you will see the real exciting part. They were offering $2-$5 per referrals! I made 31 referrals in 2 days.

Big money and big promises for a site that is a little over a week old, even if they do say that you cannot get your first redemption until April 6th.

THE TABLE FLIPS : Last night they made a post saying they are closing the site until April 6th due to there being 600 members already, 500 posted articles and 200 emails asking "Who is the owner of this site?"

My comment on their post - "I personally see this as a bad business move, sorry for being critical but it is less relevant who the owner is and more relevant that you remain consistent, especially after what some other sites have done. I have referred 31 people in 2 days and my reputation was the reason they joined and it took some convincing to get them to join still."

Then added another comment "There is a saying, "you only get one chance to make a first impression". The first impression you are making is this for many people, "we knew it wouldn't last, it just started and already they have failed". Bad thing about the internet is things like this spread. Forget the email inquiries and stick to what you started. When I got hired at jobs, I didn't care who the owner was, I cared that when I came to work the doors would still be open and I would still get paid. You have to show business strength and running away shows weakness."

THE TABLE FLIPS 2 MORE TIMES : After a couple hours they deleted their "we are closing the site" post and made a new post saying, "we have reconsidered and will keep the site open". Very proud of myself for the strong business advice and thinking they learned something I was later disappointed to find out that a couple hours later the site is indeed now closed until April.


It is all a matter or risk versus reward, don't know until you try... trial and error. New sites are mostly going to start with some issues. Some site owners may be great at business but new to internet business and managing a website. Other site owners may be computer / internet / website geniuses but have no knowledge of business.

We are all (including myself) new to creating these revenue sharing sites I suspect and there is a learning curve. How much to pay per site activity, do you track revenue earnings for the members as dollars or cents? Do you use a point system and share a % with the members based on ad revenue, number of members and number of individual points? If you use points, then how many point credits per activity?

It is a bit mind boggling because you can analyze it to hell and back, but until you are actually doing it, I think some things are a bit of a coin toss and subject to possible let downs unless you start really smart so that the only way to go is up. 



  1. I have been a member of cgp gallery for about 2 months now, i was paid my first cashout within 7 days!!!! never heard of a case like your wife cases. whats her username there?

    1. Her account there is bloghound.todd .... she is extremely active and gets an average of 40-60 comments per article.