Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bubblews Staff Behaving Badly

Bubblews Staff Behaving Badly

I will refrain from mentioning the groups or the group admins that allow this behavior. I will however share the screenshot of proof.

There is a big thing going on right now regarding the idea of "Bubblews spies". Based on what is going on online and then paralleled with Arvind Dixits post about "Emotions" it is clear that he has people soaking up the negativity for him on other social networks.

Let me share a photo - 

To clarify the photo above: &Bear / Barrett Barnes (Bubblews staff) was added to a group and has a habit of liking a post, commenting on it and then deleting the like and the comment. This my friends is a HUGE symbol of immaturity as well as the fact that he represents that site. What kind of representation is that?

Now, me personally, I could care less. I am no longer with Bubblews. None of my future endeavors will be in my name. They can screenshot and copy for records all they want.

I lost my $800.. that's nothing in comparison to my future so I dont give a damn about that. They screwed a number of countries though. These are the people I am thinking of.

All I am saying is this... the site is run by juveniles, the founder? A well worded juvenile who was funded by his buddy Jason Zuccari.

2 words ..................... Sinking ship.


  1. Hi William. Well as I said on Twitter earlier Willliam when I shared another blog about Bubblews, they can try to sensor us all they want, delete our comments on the site, whatever, we don't care. We can blog and share on Google, Twitter, Facebook and SCREW the consequences. I do not care what they do now, I have tonight collect enough evidence to show that our complaints are warranted and everything that is being written online is the truth.

    William, I am loving your posts, you don't hold back do you? Good to see.
    Do you have proof of your $800 loss? Just asking because you can make a complaint to the California State's Attorney even though you live overseas it does not matter and the more complaints they get, the more likely something will be done about these liars and thieves. Keep blogging William and revealing the truth. Negative comments are now being deleted on the posts over at Bubblews as are negative posts. Are you aware that Arvind is on Twitter and Linkedin? I must go check out his timeline on Twitter to see what's being written over there, as he cannot delete that, unless he closes his account or blocks every single user who tweets him. If it wasn't so tragic for the thousands of writers who have been ripped off, this would be Hilarious!

    1. He actually has a new Twitter account which kind of cracked me up. Reason? Maybe too much hate tweets on his other one? lol I dont know. Anyways, I will keep pouring the truth out in buckets and there is not a damn thing he can do about it. I actually have screenshots of all my redemption's.... I think... I may have deleted them a couple months ago, I have to check.