Friday, January 9, 2015

Bubblews New TOS (Parental Guidance is advised)

Bubblews New TOS 

(Parental Guidance is advised)

1. You can be yourself here, but only part of yourself.
2. You can speak your world, but not the part of your world that tells the truth about us.
3. We can delete your accounts because you earned more than we can pay.
4. We can hide anything that would let you understand how or why you make what you make and therefore call a horse a zebra.
5. We can stand proudly as thieves, fraudsters, liars and manipulators for our own gain and then pat ourselves on the back for it at your expense.
6. We can refuse to pay you and then never tell you why, never answer emails and then punish you for feeling unfairly treated.
7. We reserve the right to discriminate against an entire nation, slander them as cheaters and refuse to pay them.
8. While we are traveling to Italy and telling you that we are broke and losing money, we will enjoy what we have skimmed from you while we eat our pastas, drink Italian beer and visit historical sites.

DISCLAIMER - This article is satire and in no way a representation of any terms of service that have been printed. It is in humor relating to what the TOS have been enforced & or changed multiple times in the last two years.

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  1. I do think you got it right on!!!

    1. In a nutshell this is the mirror of reality I would say @Debbie