Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bubblews Future? Please Comment Your Thoughts

Bubblews Future? Please Comment Your Thoughts Here

"Speak Your World" Here Where You Are Allowed

So far this has all been about my experiences, observations and opinions. Feel free to browse my various articles and come back to this one and in the comments, let me know what you think, how you feel.

You are free to speak against my ideas and opinions, you may criticize my experience with Bubblews. You can even tell me that creating this blog is inappropriate or whatever. I respect your opinions.

I am hoping to get a wide range of thoughts and opinions here either for or against Bubblews practices.
I would also, as the title indicates, like to know what you feel the future has in store for Bubblews.

Sincerely, someone sharing the truth as I see it and looking for what you feel the truth is.


  1. Do you have any recommended article sites just like bubblews?

  2. Ben a lot of people are migrating over to CGP, although they recently lowered their pay. I will say on their behalf, at least they did it while they are new rather than stringing everyone along for ratings and then screw everyone.

  3. I think they are guilty of fraud, particularly to the writers who were promised payment or told it would be looked into. They also should not be able to get away with cutting redemptions or not honoring redemptions from before 11/11/14. What was in the members banks should be what they receive. I don't care if Arvind says there is no money. What a load of crap. There has to be money coming in from ad revenue. The biggest gripe I have, is that I saw the writing on the wall in Sept 2013. So that means they did and chose to be dishonest, especially Arvind, who still have people sucking up to him, which I will never understand. And I do not see anyone receiving anymore money now. Perhaps a few redemptions that were redeemed after 11/11 will trickle in, but any payments that were redeemed lately, like after Jan 1, won't see the light of day. Great blog William, keep up the good work, put some ads on it. Might as well make a little income from it.

    1. Thank you Jel and you voice the opinions of thousands. It showed in their bank, its theirs. To give notice of future redemptions between a certain date would have been more appropriate rather than making people wait 3 months and say everyone between these dates, we know you were waiting but have chosen not to pay you. Thats some bullshit there.

  4. I think that Bubblews will fold soon. Not sure how long but their days are numbered.

  5. I will read these post later when I have more time, but I need not be convinced that Bubblews is a scam site that lied, repeatedly and systematically, to we writers...