Friday, January 9, 2015

Arvinds Hypnotic "Placebo" Articles

Arvinds Hypnotic "Placebo" Articles

These are the most recent articles from Arvind in the last 7 days. He has written more in the last week than he has collectively in a couple months. We must now hasten to ask the question "why?"

Emotions -

If you take the time to go through these you will find a number of overwhelming similarities:

1. He starts with a quote and then attempts to philosophically attach some meaning from that quote to his own site plans or relationship with the members.
2. He says a lot without really saying anything.
3. He continuously waves the pendulum in front of everyone's face with "feel good" words of hope and future and benefits to users on the site.
4. He talks about communication and the importance of listening to the members.
5. In the comments you will find outrage as well as the hypnotized members.
6. The die hard members ask for no explanations of anything, they just follow blindly.
7. The outraged become more outraged with the fact that for someone who seems so concerned with "communication" he actually will not answer anyone's questions or emails.
8. The division between "loyal followers" and the "disenfranchised" escalates in the comment threads.
9. Every post appears to be a desperate cry for patience and promises but like a carrot dangling in front of a starving rabbit shows nobody anything to believe in.
10. The posts all appear to be written by a megalomaniac. He hears his own cries but does not embrace those who cry to him.

The ship is sinking. There was a time where a post by Arvind would get the attention of everyone on the site, it was like the sighting of a rock star. Today his posts get almost no attention and if they do half of it is negative feedback.

Don't let my words be the defining factor of opinion of all though. Form your own, there are the links to each of his articles, you determine for yourself if they are totally ambiguous fluff.

From this former member, I see this all as a "Placebo" effort. Great words with no detail, sweet talk with no connections to the issues, an attempt to make you fall into his double talking to forget about the past by regurgitating his "big plans" for the future.

Placebo -
  • a substance that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new drugs.
  • a measure designed merely to calm or please someone.

    "Bursting The Bubblews Bubble"


  1. I agree. Reading his posts, 75% of the comments on them are people asking when their missing money is going to be paid. These questions are ignored. Instead of giving a valid answer, he rambles about 'looking forward' and 'being nice to each other'.

    1. Additional to that Amber, not only does he not answer questions from his members but he deletes any questions that hit too close to home so that others do not have their eyes opened and he can continue to churn his nonsense.

  2. The site is doing DAMAGE CONTROL that can't be controlled! lol!

  3. It is really beginning to appear that way. Arvind is writing more articles than his members.

  4. Well said William, shared on Twitter and Facebook