Friday, January 9, 2015

A House Divided By What Appears As Communist Dictatorship

A House Divided By What Appears As Communist Dictatorship

Bubblews is creating the division themselves by supporting the bashers of the people who can think on their own. They are trying to subliminally get the "loyal" to push the "blood suckers" out. This is of course my opinion and I cannot say for certain that is what they want. However if you follow what is being evidenced on the site by their behavior it would certainly seem that way.

They have proven for 2 years that they will support any post, regardless of how harsh it is and rude to others if it supports Bubblews agenda. They will feature it, they will remove negative comments from others that get written. They will allow everything praising on a staffs post and delete the comments and possibly the profile of someone who shoots straight and asks the challenging questions or doesn't agree with whats going on there. 

There is no "freedom of speech", there is no "Write your world" ... it can be compared to a communist dictatorship.

Communism In practice, a single authoritarian party controls both the political and economic systems.

"Communism does not tolerate freedom of speech, nor does it recognize individual rights, such as the right to private property. Individual rights must give way to the collective rights of the state, which means whatever the government leaders think is best for maintaining their power."

This is my opinion and I am entitled to it as per my experience with the site.


  1. There is only "write what Arvind thinks you should write."

  2. Well there sure as hell is no listening to the people unless its the people who worship his "Supreme Leader" antics. One voice, Arvinds and that includes those who fight for the integrity of his words which generally say nothing but fluff.