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12 Dead Doctors : Who Is Killing Them?

12 Dead Doctors : Who Is Killing Them?

This is an intro post with a list of all the reported "dead" doctors since the beginning of June.

So, where does one start looking for answers to "Who done it?"?

Well, who would be opposed to holistic medicine?

1. The American Medical Association
2. Big Pharmaceutical Companies. (I will safely not name names at this point).
3. National Cancer Institute
4. Food And Drug Administration (FDA)
5. Autism Science Foundation "Non-Profit" who "opposes more research into the dis-proven and fraudulent "link" between autism and vaccinations"
6. Politicians. This is where it gets really tricky. Everyone knows that politicians have big business backers and research and funding is big business. This will take a lot of work to dig on but we (no I'm not doing this alone and the person assisting me will remain anonymous) will attempt to follow some politicians of interest. We will look into pro vaccine advocates and see who is connected to the big pharma.
7. Assuming the possibility of govt involvement in these deaths then you would have to consider "murder for hire". Outsourced or CIA? Not even sure where to look there but will dig into that all the same.



1. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet
Location : North Carolina / Florida
Date of death : June 19th
Interest : "GcMAF", this molecule has the potential to be a universal cancer cure for many people as well as reverse autism.
GcMaf : Outlawed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Prior to death : Office raided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Cause of death : Gunshot to the chest, found floating in a river.

2. Dr. Bruce Hedendal
Location : Florida
Date of death : June 21st
Interest : Health and wellness chiropractic
Prior to death : Office raided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Cause of death : Slumped over in his car with no indication as to a cause of death.

3. Dr. Baron Holt DC
Location : Florida
Date of death : June 21st
Interest : Chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, and even aromatherapy.
Prior to death : Training for a fitness event.
Cause of death : Awaiting the results of an autopsy report.

4. Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick MD
Location : North Dakota / Montana
Date of death : June 26th "MISSING"
Interest : Board certified ophthalmologist, Facial Plastic Surgery.
Prior to death : On a trip

5. Jefferey Whiteside MD
Location : Wisconsin
Date of death : June 29th "MISSING", Found July 22nd
Interest : Pulminology / treatment of lung cancer.
Prior to death : Whiteside disappears at 10:30 a.m. after an argument with his wife, Kathi.
Cause of death : Gunshot wound, 22-caliber handgun was found at the scene.

6. Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers
Location : Florida
Date of death : June 29th
Interest : Restorative healing through a variety of non-pharmaceutical treatments.
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : Savagely murdered with a hammer.

7. Lisa Riley DO
Location : Georgia
Date of death : July 1st
Interest : Osteopathic medicine
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : Gunshot wound to the head.

8. Dr. Norman John Castellano
Location : Florida
Date of death : July 13th
Interest : Cosmetic, Implant and Restorative Dentistry
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : Unknown, anonymous tip to be investigated.

9. Dr. Amanda Crews (and 4 others in her home)
Location : Modesto, California
Date of death : July 19th
Interest : Family Medicine
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : Blunt force trauma
Arrested suspect : Martin “Marty” Martinez (father of one of the children)

10. Dr. Ronald Schwartz M.D.
Location : Florida
Date of death : July 19th
Interest : MD and gynecology
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : "Shot to death"

11. Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez
Location : Florida/Georgia
Date of death : July 21st
Interest : Nutritional regimens for cancer, Lyme, allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : Cardiac Arrest

12. Dr. Hakeem Abdul-Karim
Location : North Carolina
Date of death : July 21st
Interest : Holistic dentistry
Prior to death : Unknown
Cause of death : "Died jogging"

This one is a bit shady and unclear so I will let you read the article and draw your own conclusions:
"Charges of another tainted investigation in a high-profile kidnapping case threaten the government’s credibility—in the state where 43 missing student teachers rocked Mexico." - See more at:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jade Helm - Conspiracy Theory?

 Jade Helm - Conspiracy Theory?

"Dude, my first article was hidden (by Bubblews), may be my radical way of talking, Iv been chillin in the ocean so long. I will try something more average Mr 9-5 job having style.

Call me crazy, but I'm starting to really believe in the whole Illuminati, Freemason, China occupying US, Martial Law idea. The more I read, with all the cross references of politicians, certain business dealings years past, current business connection, White House documents and what is currently happening now with Jade Helm. 

Sure, throw the term "Conspiracy Theory" at me, try to make me look like a fool because I believe in something that is not the norm. 911? They knew about it in advance, businesses in the trade center knew about it in advance for that matter. 

Start connecting some dots. I mean, you want to be pacifists who think "never my government"... who has done you so well over the years, that's all good. I'm not buyin it though. Look up Hillary Clinton, board of directors for Wal-mart. Those who scoff dont study, they open the articles, go about 5 lines and then laugh. Dig a little, you may want to look into how China fits in to all of it while you're at it too.

Keep in mind, something being labeled a "Conspiracy theory" doesnt mean people are wrong about it. Thats a word used to create a stigma to make people look nuts. Another term for it? Propaganda.

Btw Baltimore Maryland.... Currently under martial law due to riots. Look up new presidential police, look up how the police are working with Jade Helm. Look at how things are escalating with police brutality against blacks. What is happening in my opinion is the envelope is being pushed so that this "training exercise" (which is beyond massive as well is expensive) turns into the very theory everyone is laughing at.

I actually think that police brutality is being orchestrated between the police and the government with perfect precision to do exactly that. Fan the flames and force a martial law situation while Jade Helm is under way.

"We were in training, but you forced the situation"... makes them come off looking totally innocent and it makes Jade Helm look like a coincidence. Look at the news. How many police related killings of blacks in about 3 months? Its getting a lot of attention and tensions are rising! They know damn well historically that it will cause riots. It couldn't be better timing.

Everyone (including whites) gets pissed off, fight the power and get detained. Create a fear or the government and turn everyone into a bunch of cowering pacifists. You just watch how many of these "Doomsday Preppers" end up being targeted in the next few months. Mark my words.

People are going to start saying "Damn, thought they were nuts but they are onto something!" Then colonies of people start stockpiling ammo and weapons and become the enemy of the government.

I would like one person, just ONE to say "The CIA, the FBI have never staged anything for the betterment of the country or for a world power position". ONE person. Ill tell you that you're on crack and should just stick your head in the sand where it has apparently been your whole life.

If those people can actually deny this happening then I will say they can deny the possibility of Martial law in the US." -

"Kevin Kimball &kevink -Look, the homepage isn't perfect, and I'm tired of hearing people complain about it. We know, okay? Give it a rest.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Member - No Welcome Mat

New Member - No Welcome Mat From Bubblews

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have gone and done the unthinkable. I created a new account at Bubblews, although I will not share what my account name is there. Only a couple people know.

To start with lets state the obvious, I am not there for the money. I am there solely for research purposes.

A common article I see from members is about not getting your article published on the homepage for rotational viewing. What I mean is, when you create a new post it shows up at the top, as one of the most recent published articles. As other members post theirs, your article will move down the wall.

Yesterday I published my first article, it was nothing serious, only about 500 characters. As a new member making my first post I was certain that it would hot rotation. This however was not the case and can only be found in my profile records.

What does this mean to us writers (you writers) who are new and are looking to earn a little money from your articles? It means that nobody even knows you wrote one. This would also mean that you do not have an opportunity to earn money the way others do. I would love to hear an explanation as to why this is how things are done.

Okay, I thought maybe it's because I'm new and the article is getting screened or maybe even I am being screened? This morning I wrote another article. A very serious one actually relating to current events in the US. The article is 1,735 characters long.

(Rubbing hands together in excitement to see it hit the home screen)...... Nope, nothing.

I did notice something though, if you look at the photo above (Go ahead and open it)... There is a "Featured Article". A featured article is one that should represent true talent, strong content and have enough words in it to really get the SEO Gods happy (my opinion anyway).

The name of this article : "What Bubblews Has Done For Me" , now I will not talk bad about this writer, her writing skill is very good, the content was nice and her character count is at least 1,000. The obvious fact though is this is an article that makes the Bubblews staffs little peters get nice and stiff.

Over the years this has not been a rare occurrence, you do some "Bubble Stroking" you will get the little boys in the staff room to "pop".

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bubblews on Autopilot? Arvind Removed as CEO By Investors?

Bubblews on Autopilot? Arvind Removed as CEO By Investors?

Before I get started here folks, let's make something abundantly clear, Arvinds whereabouts is purely speculation. This is an attempt to ask the questions people are asking on Bubblews in their articles who cannot "Speak Freely and Write Their World". Case by case people who ask questions are getting their accounts deleted. As you can see though... THIS is NOT Bubblews.

So... A little recap of past events and I will be loose about this...

1. Around June 2014 the new Bubblews look was launched.
2. Numerous people were removed from the site for violations.
3. A couple different countries were banned from the site.
4. Views were hidden and reductions in payout were done. Reasoning? "Scammers made us do it."
5. Near the end of 2014 it was noted that nobody would get redemption's between certain dates, if memory serves correctly it was between August and November? $100's of thousands of dollars not paid out.
6. AdSense pulled their ads from Bubblews, people panicked. 
7. After trying numerous other ads they were able to retrieve their AdSense account.
8. In January many people including myself and Amber Sluiter decided to do some deep research regarding property details, real estate purchases as well as purchases for freelance technical workers.
9. Bubblews team makes an announcement that they had been paying beyond what was realistic and this was now the reason for reductions. They apparently for 2.5 yrs paid more to the writers than ad revenue was bringing in. (Story keeps changing... consistency is not their forte).
10. Research opens eyes! Almost $200,000 was paid in August of 2014 for programmers and designers. 
11. It is discovered that their headquarters was 527 Howard St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, one of the most expensive areas of San Francisco.
12. It was announced that Bubblews was launching an addition to their brand called "Sweeble".
13. It was discovered that they do not own the rights to this name and they were contacted by the rightful owner who they have dismissed any responsibility to. 
14. (It is now 2015), announcements are being made (again) about "BIG CHANGES", the staff is working day and night to bring you the best Bubblews!
15. Nothing...nothing....nothing...nothing.... Oh wait, there is something! people are making nearly no money on the site and are leaving Bubblews like the Exodus with the exception of new members who dont know any better and the diehards that drank Bubblews "Kool-Aid". 
16. Numerous times Arvind has written posts with excerpts from his e-book that will supposedly be free. From what I could tell, free makes damn good sense because it is some serious sleeper material. Based on comments on his posts, I'm not the only one who thinks so either.
17. Bubblews loses their accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
18. Doing some digging we also discovered the San Francisco Headquarters is empty. (Photo below)
19. Arvinds last post was a month ago, in fact he did 3 articles that month. The big question from everyone now is... "Where is Arvind?"

Here are some articles so I dont look like a liar...... You may find them deleted by staff later :
So Sad: Bubblews is Sinking by the Day
Woohoo another 2 cents in my Bubblews Bank!  (This made me laugh, it is THAT bad there)

As you can see here, there is no logo in the window. A friend of mine in San Francisco was having lunch with her husband just around the corner and has also confirmed it is indeed vacant. 

Now, although this proves nothing other than they moved, it is a clear sign that things have changed for Bubblews.

Let's assume for a minute they are in financial dire straits, if so then leaving the building was a very wise move. I am sure their investors (Jason Zuccari's father) didn't appreciate having them stay here but not be able to repay their debts.

Kevin and Tyler are staff with Bubblews, as far as I know Tyler is the only active staff member there. It seems Keven and Tyler have joined in a joint venture for a website that provides an "Admin Panel" called Qoala .
To be honest with you, I wish them well, this is more up all of their stream, social sites are not.

The question about Arvinds whereabouts now is rather interesting though. If you recall what happened to Steve Jobs; he was CEO of Apple and he was removed from the company by the shareholders. For those who do not know, shareholders is another word for investors, who in Jobs care did not share his vision. Now what if the shareholders/investors for Bubblews no longer share Arvinds vision after everything that has happened after 3yrs? I mean really, look at them, they are a mess and Arvind was captain of that ship!

They were publicized on the news, various pod-casts etc etc and then followed that up with a huge train wreck and bad publicity. Would you keep Arvind on staff? I know I wouldn't! If he took my money, my long time established business name and dragged me through the mud with his "vision" the way he did with the public and the BBB I would bury him away so deep that nobody heard from him in the business world again. he would be flipping hamburgers!

To all of you who stay with Bubblews, proceed with caution and I do wish you the best. Those who follow "Sweeble" the stolen business... well, all I can say is look at Bubblews. To Kevin and Tyler, you do your thing boys and I hope it works out, hopefully you aren't dragging Arvind along with you! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

BBB Fails Bubbews - Status Revoked

BBB Fails Bubbews - Status Revoked

This Business is not BBB Accredited

Bubblews, LLC (Headquarters)

- See more at:
BBB Business Review of "Bubblews"  Please lets start off with not taking my word for it, here is the link of BBB review.

You know, it had really amazed me that Bubblews lasted so long without getting a bad review from the BBB. 

How can you possibly not pay thousands of members several thousands of dollars that they earned, use the money to pay for developers to build your pet project called "Sweeble App", lie to everyone about it, remove the accounts of members who speak up about not being paid or who basically say anything that they don't like, never answer emails regarding unpaid payments etc and still have a good review on the BBB?

You see, in business ethics (something Bubblews knows nothing about) is very important, so important in fact that the BBB even offers a course to teach businesses about it.. I think the owners of Bubblews should have considered enrolling. 

So, how is it that Bubblews got their rating (that they asked for) revoked?

BBB's business review for Bubblews, LLC was created in June 2014. A review of this company's complaints done in January 2015 indicates that customers are not receiving compensation due for content they provided to the site. According to some responses received by BBB, Bubblews stated that "due to fraudulent activity redemptions owed to users prior to November 1, 2014 will not be honored.
BBB reached out to Bubblews, asking why all users were being effected and why this wouldn't apply only to users who acted in a fraudulent manner. The company was also asked to inform BBB in writing of what action they plan to take to resolve the underlying cause of complaints. To date BBB has received no response from the company. - See more at:
"BBB's business review for Bubblews, LLC was created in June 2014. A review of this company's complaints done in January 2015 indicates that customers are not receiving compensation due for content they provided to the site. According to some responses received by BBB, Bubblews stated that "due to fraudulent activity redemptions owed to users prior to November 1, 2014 will not be honored.
BBB reached out to Bubblews, asking why all users were being effected and why this wouldn't apply only to users who acted in a fraudulent manner. The company was also asked to inform BBB in writing of what action they plan to take to resolve the underlying cause of complaints. To date BBB has received no response from the company."

In a nutshell, Bubblews treated the BBB exactly like it treats it's members. When they cannot honestly answer questions regarding why members are not paid they simply ignore you.

On 03/26/2015 this company's accreditation in BBB was revoked by BBB's Board of Directors due to failure to eliminate the underlying cause of complaints on file with the BBB and failure to comply with BBB Accreditation Standards. - See more at:
"On 03/26/2015 this company's accreditation in BBB was revoked by BBB's Board of Directors due to failure to eliminate the underlying cause of complaints on file with the BBB and failure to comply with BBB Accreditation Standards."

Now many bubble-struck members still on Bubblews are saying that a rating from the BBB doesn't matter, my only question to them is, if it doesn't matter then why on earth did Bubblews apply to be accredited by them? Answer, it does matter! Everyone knows the BBB and when they are looking to get a legitimate review of a business that this is where you go.

Bubblews has shot itself in the foot so many times that they have literally crippled themselves with karma. There is no recovery from this, and to anyone who thinks that creating a new brand name "Sweeble" is going to save them then you may want to recall the fact that they have stolen this name and it has even been addressed to them by the true owner of "Sweeble".

I will do one better, here is the article written by the owner of Sweeble addressing this issue. Basically she cannot afford to fight them so they are taking advantage of that.... What isn't working - Sweeble and Bubblews - Sue Greenwood

If you are still delusional about Bubblews being "honest" or "ethical" then I will beg you to please get some psychological help.

Top photos - Credit to Creative Commons
BBB Rating - Screenshot

This Business is not BBB Accredited

Bubblews, LLC (Headquarters)

- See more at:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The REAL "Sweeble" & Bubblews Copyright Infringement?

The REAL "Sweeble" & Bubblews Copyright Infringement

"Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?" - Eminem

Well guess what folks, she has stood up! Her name is Sue Greenwood and she is the true owner of the name "Sweeble". I will start by referencing her own post regarding the way Arvind Dixit / Bubblews is handling things: What isn’t working – Sweeble and Bubblews

Let's back up a little, on January 29th, 2015 Arvind revealed to the members of Bubblews his "next big thing" Bubblews & Sweeble App 

Many of us vigilante former and current (Im a former) Bubblers started doing research on this name, reason? Well, for some it may have been out of curiosity, others simply know what a snake Arvind is and knew there was a story to be uncovered.

I actually found Sue Greenwood's website around Feb 1st I think it was and we started raising a lot of chatter on Facebook. I wrote an article about it myself but it was regarding slightly different aspects:
Bubblews: Arvind Dixit: Sweeble: Clarity You will find that I am not in any way nice about my perspectives on how he robbed everyone to create this app, there is proof of how much he paid programmers and developers when he failed to pay us. 

Doing some digging through the archives of Bubblews members posts using the search word "Sweeble" I came across this (btw... there are a hundred posts about this app)... but this one really caught my eye! 

So, in this it was indicated that Sue had no knowledge of Bubblews or any Sweeble app until Melanie informed her. There's that Arvind snake in the grass again! Now Arvind can say until his head falls off that they thought of the word themselves by imagining that it was Bubblews spelled backwards but come on... that would be Swelbbub which is not even close. You can be damn sure they researched this first as any wise business person would do to be sure it was not in use. 

My guess (keyword guess) is that they saw the original site "Sweeble" was no longer in operation as a business and decided that because Sue Greenwood is a hop across the puddle in the UK that there was nothing she could do against Arvind and his millionaire backers. 

Btw, let me give reference to "Millionaire backers" :  Jason Zuccari's Father Funds Bubblews 

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, can Sue Greenwood sue Bubblews for copyright infringement? I cannot say I know all about law in such cases, although I need to really study up on it as I am creating 2 sites of my own. In the meantime many of us have put on our study caps to see if there is a way for Sue to protect her long established business name.

Some references: 

Okay everyone, let's lawyer up a bit here from our comfy computer chairs. I wish I could do this as a narration with the "Columbo" detective voice!

From the first link - Jurisdiction "5. United Kingdom (presented by Bob Pimm)
a. All property is theft: squatter’s rights are still big news in the UK–where left is "left" and right is "right."
b. And now for something not completely different. It’s really trademark law–"passing-off."."

This made me ask something of myself about locale of establishment. Is location based on where you are or is it based on the url's details? Example "" versus "". If it were .uk then it is a clear representation that this site is limited to the UK interest. However, .com is global. The answer... Sue Greenwood has her site registered as "".

Now if she were to try to get a Panel Decision, these are what they will look for (quoting first link):
Sue could lose IF : 
"b. Registrant has no legitimate right or interest to domain name.
i. Legitimate rights could include:
A/ Prior use of domain with a bona fide business;
B/ Registration of domain that corresponds to a trade name or personal name.
C/ Legitimate non-commercial or fair use of domain.

Well, that clarifies a lot! "" was an operating business for a number of years, it is still a name the owner uses to talk about business processes in online earning pros & cons. Her horse is even named Sweeble! This is this persons identity in MANY ways. 

Now citing the second link above:
"13. How is it decided who has the best right to a disputed domain name?

Domain name administrators and registrars operate on a first-come first-served basis.

Over time, using a domain name will in itself establish some rights to that domain name, particularly if you also publicize that domain name (for example, on your letterhead).

However, the fact that someone has registered a domain name does not automatically mean that they have the best right to it. If the domain name incorporates a registered trademark, the owner of that trademark may well have stronger rights to the name.

In many cases, several businesses could have rights to a domain name, particularly when a domain name describes a product rather than using a company name or trademark.

Two other important factors come into play in many domain name disputes.

You are more likely to win a dispute if you can show that the other party registered it (or is using it) in bad faith. Bad faith might include registering a domain name using your trademark in order to sell it to you (or a competitor), or to pass their website off as being related to your business.

(here is where it gets ugly for Sue) Large companies, with deep pockets, may be prepared to run up large legal bills pursuing a domain name. If faced with such an opponent, it may be in your interest to negotiate a settlement."

(And THIS PART is probably what Arvinds lawyers have advised him) ----
"18. Is it better to use a dispute resolution procedure or to go to court?
A dispute resolution procedure can only be used if you have rights to a domain name which someone else has r
egistered 'abusively' or in bad faith. 

By contrast, court action can be taken on other grounds: for example, if someone is breaching your intellectual property rights or libelling you.

In terms of outcomes, successful use of a dispute resolution procedure will result in the domain name being transferred to you. If you want to claim damages, you will need to take court action. Bear in mind that it can be impossible to enforce judgment, particularly against individuals or companies based overseas."

Do you recall I referenced millionaire backers for Bubblews? here is the long and short of it folks, as Sue Greenwood has also pointed out, it would take at least 300k pounds (roughly $440k US dollars) to even attempt to try and take legal action. Arvind knows this and is basically going to strong arm himself into legal ownership by acting illegally.

I dont know about you guys, but with this sites past years of unethical business behavior and now this added... I would be ashamed to even have my name anywhere near the "Bubblews Brand".


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"The World of Bubblews Fluff and Stuff" by Kim E. Miller

The World of Bubblews Fluff and Stuff: A Venture into the World of Pooh [Kindle Edition] by Kim E. Miller

You can get your copy on Amazon for only $4.99
Length: 111 pages (estimated) <------------ Order here!

I am actually quite interested in reading this, just have to wait for some money to get into my empty PayPal account hehe

Kim E. Miller is not only a friend of mine on Facebook but we both spent a considerable amount of time on Bubblews.

According to Kim " it is more about the world of fluff and my funny posts. I do talk about Bubblews and the way it has gone. I also share some of my good posts to show the decline in what I wrote vs what they want.... It is more of a comedy type book but yet tells my journey in the world...."

I will work to get an opinion from a reader and will add to this.